We say Nollywood actress Hilda Dokunbo in another dimension last week Wednesday during the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Day . she and other stakeholders in the film industry took their campaign to Alaba International Market, the acclaimed hub of piracy activities in Africa , where she talked tough at the event.

“So if you ask me, what is the property that has brought us here today? In my hand is a CD; it is a property. That is because it belongs to somebody, it is someone’s investment. It is somebody’s life and wealth. It can lead to someone being alive or killed,” she said.

She said, “To those who decide to make us poor; because when you steal from us, you are actually ripping us off. Which means you have kept away investors from this business; both locally and internationally.

“We are all looking for international partners and treaties, so for those who pirate our work, they will kill those treaties and investment. So you are keeping partners away from us.

“This market is big enough to accommodate all of us, if we all agree to work together. I will tell you how this stealing works; because all of you will say you do not pirate.

“When you buy a copy and go and duplicate and give it to the boys who push them around in wheel barrows for sale, you are a thief. You are killing people,” she declared.