Born in Nigerian to a small close family of four, father, mother, brother and myself, namely The Nevohs’.

Hilda is a successful, multitalented, well travelled, multilingual, highly self-motivated, strong leadership skills with proven ability in team development & Project Management. Language translator and interpreter, columnist, Actress, Stage scriptwriter, couple of Films Production Manager and currently involved in the production of a Soap.

A Masters Degree holder in International Relations from Kiev State International University Kiev, Ukraine. Specializing in Humanitarian Aid Services, written dissertation on Post war Community Developments. Fluent and literate in English, Russian and Yoruba (mother tougue), but fair understanding of Ibo, French and Polish.

Hilda has considerable organisational abilities, kind, sympathetic and a very compassionate person. Flexible, communicable, disciplined reliable with excellent Budget Management skills. These best qualities of hers have placed her in the heart of her current professional management role in Commissioning of Services and Procurements in Health and Social Care for one of the leading outer London boroughs, UK.

Her excellent interpersonal skills with proven track record experiences in both fields of Health & Social Care and the world of film making and productions, have predisposed her the privilege of the following organisational memberships:
A member of Association of Project Management Group (APMG), General Secretary of Yar’adua/Jonathan solidarity Forum UK Chapter.
Assistant Financial Secretary of The association of Multi-national performing artistes (A.M.P.A) UK., Financial Director, tifrehil communications Ltd, Columnist in Achievers Magazines.

Other achievements are: Hilda was the lead person who developed The Commissioning department, Placement and Brokerage department, facilitated the success of her Local authority‘s target set by the Central Government in 2002, Successfully delivered various Projects to specification, deadline and within budget. While in University, Hilda was an activist, the first female executive member of the International students union, as The Vice President. Who lead on improvement of students living accommodation and relocation.

Worked in various Private & Public sectors and with international organisations. However, my present role requires a good knowledge of current legislature, constant development of Policies and Procedures, with adequate working knowledge of Social Service and Welfare. Regular training to enhance knowledge, such as training in Equality and Diversity, protection of vulnerable adult and children, Project Management, Health Case Management, mentoring, Leadership programme, Budget Management and lot more.

My background could be summarised as someone who has had a true feel of the political and economical world of changing times during my growing up.

Visualise it like this:

Born and toddler in a Developing region (African, early years – Nigeria), then moved to study and spent youth in the eastern region, Russia for 7 years, during the End of cold war (Ukraine, then Soviet Union) period also known as transition time for both East & West. Then, finally moved to settle in western region – England, a very developed and independent country.

I must say, I have seen and felt it all. From both worlds, developing and developed (South & North) to restriction and Rich Freedom (East & West). All four hemispheric division from different perspectives and individual perception of others I have learnt.

My greatest objective and passion if given a chance, is reaching out to the developing world, getting them to the ultimate capability to sustain and manage their resources effectively and wisely. Educate to plan ahead and maintain discipline.

Hilda has just returned from Nigeria after playing a lead role in a Yoruba Film called Folake Taku, produced by Fred Aseroma and directed by LadyTJ.

Hilda is blessed with two lovely children.