Veteran Fuji Maestro, Adewale Ayuba, could be said to be one of the very few singers who made waves in the late 80s and 90s who is still relevant in the industry where the new generations have taken over.

Not in a competition with anybody, the singer being a classic act, still graces shows both within and outside the country as he hopes to work with any young artiste who approaches him for a duet.

In a recent chat, revealed how a lady had walk up to him in a romantic way and accused him of not always smiling.

Always setting standards for himself to avoid any form of rumours, the singer expressed that the lady actually came up to him to ask for what she could not get which was why she said he always frown.

“I met a lady one day while I was playing. She stood in front of me romantically and accused me that I was always frowning. She said I should relax and be cheerful and free with her. She was looking for something that she couldn’t get.”