One of Nigeria’s top female crooners, Yemi Alade has spoken bitterly on the manners in which some air hostesses treat their passengers.

In fact, Yemi is completely not happy with the way one of the air hostesses woke her up from sleep on arrival from a long trip this morning, Thuesday July 26th.
She narrated how the young lady who obviously didn’t recognize her grabbed her leg and shook her to the point that she was dazed, all in the name of trying to inform her of arrival at the final destination.

According to the ebony beauty, most times these hostesses take colour and race as a yard stick to decide how well they can treat every individual.

The lovely singer explained how some of these so called hostesses are quite fun of assessing ones outfit as yardsticks to one’s worth which is extremely disgusting as not everyone shows off their wealth in what they wear.

According to the bilingual singer this is completely unacceptable as these are people who are supposed to be very hospitable but on the contrary they maltreat people, she said.

Below is the short video of her recent experience on the last flight.

Chichi Marvis