Nigerian iconic comedian Francis Agoda popularly called I Go Dye has voiced out his anger on the Nigerian leadership as he does not feel the democracy is worth celebrating considering the state of things in the country.

I Go Dye who is fighting for a better Nigeria and how to help improve the standard of living of the masses in the nation has refuse to agree that we celebrate democracy has he say it’s more like celebrating corruption.

This is how he voiced out his anger below;

“Is it truly government of the people that we are practicing? Absolutely not! When almost a million of our youths are locked up at different prisons in Nigeria and internationally, for crimes caused by the leadership class and instigated due to bad governance; while almost all the alleged looters of the economy have been granted bail, under the expertise of SAN’s and the one sided criminal justice system in Nigeria, which protects the rich and punishes the masses? Na poor masses Na Dem dey sentence for mobile court the poor cannot afford justice.

What a situation before us, as a Nation. How can we celebrate democracy, It’s high time all the political parties, wake up and accept failure, gross failure for not standing firmly with the principles of democracy. When you can’t protect the welfare of your citizens; then there is no need to speak or act on the guise of been a Democrat.

I weep, because recycled politicians who have previously abused the intelligence of Nigerians. Today I can only celebrate the millions of Nigerians, who have not taken arms into the street to cause crises, who sleep every day without light, after they privatize NEPA to whatever names, the mothers whose children continue to cry for food, the millions of young and old Nigerians leaving as third class citizens in foreign lands, because of the failed system Back home, the soldiers and other military institutions risking their lives to uphold the sovereignty of this great nation, irrespective of the pains and perpetual failure of the political class. You all deserve to be celebrated and nobody can discredit your sacrifices.

What will any of the senators in the last 19 years of our democratic role be remembered for? The next Generation will remember them for been active and passive contributors’ to corruption.

I employ and beg all Nigerians, irrespective of where you find yourself to speak up and fight against corruption because it’s not a personal fight, it’s a just fight to build the future for the next generation and make the world better than how we met it. God bless Nigeria Amb Francis Agoda.” He said.