A radio and TV host, Caroline Sampson just quit her job as a co-host of Celebrity Fanzone because Mzbel, a Ghanaian artiste over a report she gave.

 Caroline has told the whole world that Mzbel had confined in her that the father of her son Aaron Adepa is Kofi Amoabeng. This revelation has caused the singer to blow hot .

Mzbel has revealed that Caroline was telling lies and she wasn’t even a friend to Caroline, thereby rubbishing the image of Caroline. Poor Caroline decided to quit her job because of this. Someone is not happy about this, Diamond Appiah is heartbroken that Mzbel could force Caroline to take such decision.

Diamond said  “My dear Caroline, how can a hardworking media personality like you quit a TV Show because of a Goddam Liar ?? Am really heartbroken to read this because anybody that know her personally know the fact that she is living a Lie, lies a lot n always lie for public sympathy. Didn’t she create the impression to all that the man was responsible until he came out with the truth?”

She went on to defend Caroline “ You never lied dear, what you said on the show was the truth so quitting for speaking the truth is unacceptable. We need honest people like you on our TV screens and airwaves so consider going back to the show with your awesomeness. Never quit anything in life because of people’s opinions because opinions doesn’t pay bills. Keep being Real”.