Wedding is always an exciting moment that every couple look forward to, a moment where vows that are meant to be respected forever are being said.

Everyone one always fantasizes for a unique and beautiful wedding but only a few are able materialize it.

Recently the wedding of Shaquana and Andrew has become an internet sensation after a unique occurrence took place. In weddings bridesmaid are not allowed to wear white, it has being a tradition that has spanned for so many years.

In fact it’s not even the bridesmaid alone, wedding guest that appears in white or costume that looks similar to the brides is always being looked down upon like she wants to steal the spotlight.

It appear Shaquana mindset is unique as she didn’t see it as a big deal at all. All her beautiful bridesmaid rocks all white costumes with her and they looked effortlessly gorgeous.

Ever since the photos went viral, it has since received accolades from many who are astonished on how beautiful they all look in an all-white attire.