How driver lost control, nearly killed me – Actress Aolat Ayonimofe

Nollywood actress, Aolat Ayonimofe, is full of praises to God for saving her life and that of her children after a near-fatal accident that caused a loss in her business.

The actress, who posted a video about the incident, noted that the car crashed into her shop, directly hitting the spot where her sales representative usually sat.

While thanking God for sparing their lives, the actress disclosed that she narrowly escaped the accident because she and her children had just left the spot of the accident.

The movie star revealed that she had contemplated calling her sales representative early that day due to ongoing sales, but a gut feeling deterred her. Shortly after, she received news of the destructive crash.

Expressing gratitude to God for their safety, she assured her customers that while there might be delays in fulfilling orders as they repair the damages, they would soon resume operations and deliver as usual.

“All I have to say is thank you, Lord. Because this is the same spot my sales representative used to sit. I wanted to call my sales rep to resume early because we are running sales but my instinct was against it so I didn’t call her, 15minutes later a fan called me that a car ran into my store…thereby destroying my store

“No life was lost thank God. As yesterday I and my kids still sat at the same spot from morning till 5 pm….your orders might be delayed for now But we will definitely deliver as soon as we are done renovating…thank you.”