Celebrated Nigerian songstress, Simi has taken to social media to share her years experience in the Nigerian music industry.

She said female artists are constantly pitted against each other and can hardly get away with the kinds of things men in the industry do.

She wrote: “Tbh, some of the things that I have experienced, specifically as a woman, in this industry. Lol. They will try to take on other women. Try to redefine your value. Try to get inside your head and reshape your self esteem. I’ve had it easier than many …

“Ati executive oh. Ati hearing oh. It comes from all over the place. That’s why I fuck with any woman who is winning in this industry, because the obstacle is very expensive. Women can hardly get away with the kind of things that many men in the same industry get away with it regularly. “

She added that when a woman in the industry stands up for herself, she is called “difficult” …

She wrote: “For every woman who is making it, there are tons of women who have broken down. If you stand up for yourself,” she is difficult.”

She pointed out that female artists have to be better than average male artists to succeed in the industry and she has never seen a mediocre female artist do it.