Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo has taken to her Instagram page to recount how she recently got lost three times at an international airport.

The actress shared a video of Doha City, Qatar’s airport as she questioned when Nigerian would get to such a standard.

She pointed out how the airport almost looks like a state.

Her narration reads;

“God when I abeg I when will my country people begin to enjoy luxurious establishments like this airport?.

Airport too big, e get him own train, road, tunnel, bus etc.

Airport be like one state, I even got lost 3 times trying to catch my connecting flight.

I swear nah God save me, I started running ooo, no time!

Abeg my people get your PVC ooo, we no wan hear shoot bird him Mama fly cum 2023! Ooo.


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Remember Uche Ogbodo’s encounter with death by the whiskers.

The screen diva who celebrates her birthday today, May 17, posted a picture on her Instagram page with the caption, “Never knew I would see this year! But Mercy Says NO each time the Enemy rears up its ugly head!”(sic)

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Uche Ogbodo revealed that she was diagnosed with Angioedema in 2020. Basically, Angioedema is the rapid edema, or swelling, of the area beneath the skin or mucosa.

It is normally an allergic reaction, but it can also be hereditary. The swelling happens because fluid accumulates. It tends to affect areas with loose areas of tissue, especially the face and throat, as well as the limbs and genitals.

The actress explained how she faced negative messages online also the challenges she battled during the birth of her child, how her husband was there for her throughout her surgery and how she escaped bleeding after birth with the help of her doctor.

In a lenghty post, the actress said,“In the Theatre being delivered off my beautiful baby LUMINA (Brighter Light), I was so scared! Something didn’t feel right, I continually felt something would go wrong! Maybe because I got so many death wishes from trolls online, my subconscious was already believing it might happen. But I pushed that fear to the back of my mind cos I wasn’t gonna leave my new baby with my young, scared and strong husband and go anywhere. God bless him, he held my hand all through the surgery.

The actress further revealed some complications she encountered after childbirth.

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She said, “I kept saying I can do it, I shall not die, what God can not do does not exist! After birthing my baby, the doctors discovered complications, blood sacs in my stomach that is one of the complications that might cos bleeding after birth.

“Thank God for my wonderful doctor, FATIMALI, who refused to stitch me back up! God used this wonderful Muslim doctor to save my life. She discovered this problem and insisted it wasn’t normal, that my stomach wasn’t as it should be.

“If I had my baby elsewhere maybe they would have stitched me up and discharged me then I will go home and develop a bigger complications and who knows, but mercy Said NO! My God was in the theatre that day! my God who watches over me, the Holy Spirit came through for Me. My God who can do all things for me exceedingly according to his wishes and glory to meet a perfect and expected end .“(sic)

Uche Ogbodo also posted a video showing her at the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. She recalled how she couldn’t remember any of her family members due to the pains she faced at the time.

The actress captioned the video, “This was me in ICU, going in and out of coma. People in ICU are always critical guys. In this place I didn’t even remember I just had a baby sef, I remembered no family, not even my hubby that was there I no remember.

“I was just in too much pain and I couldn’t breathe.! See Eeeh! In this life, prioritize health and life for only these 2 are paramount! It’s just a thin line between life & death. Be humble. I am still thanking God for My Life ooooo! I am enjoying myself today drinking a big bottle of champagne and eating chicken.”(sic)

The Nigerian actress is blessed with two kids Mildred and Lumina.