Amaka Okwuoha, well known as Chioma Jesus, a popular gospel singer, spoke at The Transforming Church International Abuja with Rev Sam Oye. “Let me tell you about my God,” she added, “whom doctors refer to as a miracle worker.”

After that, she delivered a testimonial about what God had done for her. Her doctor told her she couldn’t conceive 14 years after she had her first kid, according to her. She told him she had a son and was taken aback when he named him a Mistake.

“The son that God gave me is not a mistake,” she said. Doctor, pay attention to me; my God will repeat that error.” She then collected N1.5 million and planted a seed, reminding God of his promises in Exodus 23:26: “Nothing shall cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfill…” “Come and make that mistake again, God of fruitfulness,” she implored God.

Finally, the word of God came true. In three months, she said that another mistake now called a miracle occurred again. She gave birth again and named the child Miracle Chioma OKwuoha. She stated that she named her Miracle since she was a miracle child who came after a long period waiting for a child.