Nigerian most respected dancer, Kaffy earned her spot as the queen of dance when she broke the Guinness book of records years back.

Ever since, she has been the most sorts after dancer in the country

The dancer and choreographer also have her own dance academy ‘Kaffy Dance academy’ where she teaches Dance.

In some cases childbearing changes the body of a dancer, and it takes time to get back to shape.

This was the case of our queen of dance, who recalls how she suffered groin injury after the birth of her son.

For the dancer, her son has helped her overcome her fears, making her healing process faster than she expected.

Although the dancer is not able to get her full split back on, but no doubt Kaffy is still a show stopper any time and any day. In a recent interview she opened up on her injury after the birth of first child.

In her words: “After my son’s birth, i had major groin injury, I could hardly walk at first not to talk of trying to open my legs. So getting into my splits again was not funny. My son has motivated and inspired me through the excruciating pain because of his everyday ‘mummy see my split syndrome‘, Now I am almost there.”