How I Battled With, Defeated Stroke – Denrele

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Denrele Edun, has shared his battle with stroke and how he was able to defeat it.

According to the media personality, the stroke paralysed half of his face.

Edun described it as the most challenging chapter of his life, explaining that he was very sick at the time because he had a stroke.

Recounting his ordeal, he stated that the stroke left his left eye closed and caused a noticeable shift in his facial features, leading him to cover the affected side with his hairstyles.

“I had just come out of having a stroke on half of my face, I was very sick.

“But it still did not stop me from working. My face was dropping on the right side anytime I had to drink water it would pour out of my mouth. One of my eyes was widely opened and I couldn’t hear and breathe.”