Budding female singer has recounted her ordeals before she was able to make her first debut,” You Are Mine”.

The singer who never takes no for an answer said she was turned down and treated with contempt in so many music and reality shows.

She said that some people where able to start up their career through reality show but to her the reverse was the case.

“I attempted almost all the reality shows but I just wasn’t lucky to make it through and like I say, some people will kick off their career through that means and many of us will hit the limelight through working meticulously and righteously to put our music out there,” she said.

Speaking about her style of music, Ogoor said that she is not restricted to the usual R&B or Gospel because she sings anything and everything worthy of creation drawing her inspirations from her family and 

“Music means so much to me and my passion for music has always been from my childhood days,” she said.