Rosaline Meurer is a Nollywood actress and a model who works with Big Church Group LTD and has been accused of being in an illicit affair with Tonto Dikeh’s husband, Oladunni Churchill.

Nigerian actress, Rosaline Meurer shared a touching piece of how Instagram ruined her self-esteem.

In the posts, she disclosed how she would go on Instagram and look at photo-shopped and unreal photos of other celebrities and compare herself to them, wishing she was like them until she got to see ‘the behind the scene’ of a celebrity’s life which totally changed her perception.

Her posts:



7 interesting facts about Rosaline Meurer;

1 Rosaline Meurer was born on 1the 5th of February.

2 Rosaline Meurer is a Nigerian from Delta State and her father is Dutch from Holland.

3 She grew up in The Gambia.

4 Rosaline Meurer has a diploma in Business Management and also studied photography.

5 She models for Ebony hair products, Calendar modelings, Fashion magazines, billboard adverts, skincare products.

6 Meurer started acting in 2009 but came to limelight in 2014 after she featured in the series, ‘Oasis’.

7 She plans to go into movie production.