Earlier this year, the Yoruba movie star Mercy Aigbe confirmed the rumour about her relationship with popular Yoruba filmmaker and movie marketer Kazim Adeoti.

However, she was met with a lot of backlash as several people took to their social media accounts to condemn the actress for choosing to become a second wife to her friend’s husband. Many went as far as speculating that Kazim was the father of Mercy Aigbe’s son rather than her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry.

The filmmaker was married to Oluwafunsho Asiwaju, founder of Asiwaju Couture, a luxury fashion house in Lagos. Many of the actress’s fans and foes condemned Mercy Aigbe’s actions, speculating that the union was part of her plan to siphon money from Kazim Adeoti. However, the actress has since debunked such rumours, stating that she married him for love and is rich enough not to need anyone’s money

Recently, Oluwafunsho Asiwaju, who has been silent on the matter, took to Instagram to give her own account of the story. According to her, Mercy Aigbe had been having se-u-l relations with her husband since she introduced the two a few years ago. According to Miss Asiwaju, the actress was her husband’s “side chick” even while the actress was still married to Lanre Gentry.

She also debunked her soon to be ex-husband’s statement that she was aware of and comfortable with Mercy Aigbe as a co-wife, stating that she had no such agreement with him.

Many Nigerians have since criticized Mercy Aigbe, using her own words from an old video she made a while back. In the video, the actress advises women about being involved in romantic relationships with married men.

She urges such women to remember that the men belong to someone else and encourages them to focus on the monetary and material benefits of such relationships. Many have concluded that Mercy Aigbe failed to take her own advice, although she hasn’t officially addressed any of the allegations against her.