Mnena Akpera, Media Personality who was cauterized with hot water by her rumoured boyfriend’s wife, Faith Udende has disclosed her side of the story.

In an interview, she revealed that the man in question, Jeff, wasn’t her boyfriend but her boss as she worked as a consultant to Benue Television lead by him.

She said that Mr. Udende had provided a temporary space for her in his father’s house, to cut down the cost of hotel bills, pending when an accommodation would be sorted out for her. Hell let loose days later, when his wife asked her to leave her matrimonial home at 10pm on suspicion that Jeff was having an affair with her.

According to her, faith rained abuses, assaulted her and locked her in. The following day, was when she was scalded with hot water and family members had to come to her aid when they heard her screaming.

Mnena said she regretted accepting to live in her boss’s house and demands justice considering that her name has been tarnished and her body parts damaged. However, the matter is currently under investigation by the police and a Human rights group has stepped in to solicit on her behalf.