Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday isn’t here for her particular role in a movie after she got a hot slap by a colleague on the set.

The actress who was acting alongside Arole the Comedian was doused with a hot slap which was so realistic that it made her forget her lines. Nkechi, unable to continue immediately had begged the Director of the movie to cut while she nursed her stinging cheeks.

Reacting to the Make-believe, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim commented on the plight of actors, who go through a lot to achieve their goals, adding her opinion, she also said if she were in Nkechi’s shoes, she would not have stopped the Director.

According to her, stopping the shoot means she would have to take the slap one more time… “I’d rather endure, and after the scene, I’ll go and cry.”

This however didn’t not meet Nkechi well as she lashed at Ibrahim in a new post. Showing her red face and asking how she could continue all in the name of professionalism.

In the heat, she referred to Juliet as “One idiot” who said she should have continued to show she is a professional. She also issued a stern warning to the Ghanaian beauty, to stay away from her!