The unveiling of Glo Ambassadors last week has brought to fore the questions on reasons some big stars were not included in the list. It was a surprise to many when the list was released and big stars like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Emeka Ike and Stella Damasus were missing.

We first sought explanation from a Glo source who diplomatically told us that the Glo brand is a youthful brand. Therefore, some old hands in the industry would pass a contradictory brand message if selected. but while digging further, we got to know that the stars were contacted but personal differences and demands on both parties prevented the discussion from scaling through.

Genevieve was actually the first person in Nollywood contacted to be the Glo ambassador and she directed the caller from Glo to her manager, after the negotiation broke down, the caller had to call Genny back and reminded Genny that they know each other and would like to talk to her directly.

Genny realizing she actually knows the person proceeded with the negotiation. Genny was offered N30 million to be Glo Ambassador but she demanded for N50 million because she had the impression she was going to be the only person to be appointed. “she was given impression she was going to be the only person to be appointed, she was not told there was a plan to contact others. So she negotiated based on the information she had” a source close to her told us.


For Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, she never even got around to negotiate with the company because, when she was called, her office told Glo they had to send an official letter to her and state what they want and the office would also reply them officially because that is the way her office operate. Glo felt the protocol was unnecessary and moved on.

Star actor, Emeka Ike was actually called for an interview session at Mike Adenuga Tower and he had discussions with a panel of about five members. He was offered about N20 million for a year but he turned it down and demanded for a figure around N40 million.

•Emeka Ike

After much back and forth, it was concluded that the two parties could not do business together. They all shook hands and left. When contacted Emeka confirmed the story and said “yes, I had discussion with Glo, I wonder how you got the news anyway. We could not agree on price so they moved on to people they could afford “. When pressed further to give more details, he refused saying, “what we had was business discussion, it would be unprofessional of me to give full details in public”.

•Stella Damasus

Stella Damasus’ non inclusion has nothing to do with money but disagreement on contract. After a brief telephone discussion with her she was called one day to come and sign the contract, but she asked for time to go through the contract with her lawyer. Glo told her it has no such time. She was told the contract had to be signed that day. She told the company there was no way she would sign without her lawyer going through it and that ended the discussion.” So, now that you know the reason the big stars were not included don’t ask further question.