On November 23, at the prestigious D_Rovans Hotel, Ring Road, Ibadan, history was made as Evangelist Femi Opalemo was officially installed the first King of Gospel Music by members of the same association who made the feat in 1993 by crowing Wasiu Ayinde Marshal the First King of Fuji Music.

Since after crowing Opalemo, a lot of issues on the authenticity of the event and the personality of Opalemo has been questioned. Some close watchers believe Yinka Aiyefele would have been the chosen one, while others suggested Lanre Teriba. But the same man who was at the centre during K1 coronation in 1993, Omoba Femi, has come out to speak on behalf of NALPAM on this issue.

Omoba said, although he is presently writing a book on his stewardship in the entertainment industry where details on K1 and Opalemo’s crowning will be duely analysed. But for the sake of providence, he said NALPAM did not just wake up to crown K1 nor Opalemo. It all passed through due process.

On the issue of Opalemo, Femi Akinrinwa said a committee was set up headed by Mr. Gbenga Olotu who met with the executives of Young Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria (YUGOMAN). After thorough screening, Femi Opalemo_s name was brought before NALPAM executives who were shocked because one of the big names like Yinka Aiyefele and Teriba was expected to the crowned.
The young musicians said they preferred Opalemo because of the uniqueness of his music and his high philanthropic gestures towards upcoming ones.

“He is easily accessible and loves by them all. So NALPAM has no any other choice than to accede to YUGOMAN.”
They supported their point by emphasizing that Yinka Aiyefele sings Gospel Tungba which is more of Juju music and he has won laurels as a Juju Musician both in Nigeria and in the diaspora, while Lanre Teriba sings Gospel Fuji and he belongs to the Arabambi Fuji family.