Talented singer, Bez whose real name is Bez Idakula had just finished a show in the federal capital of Nigeria, Abuja Over the weekend.

The show entitled, Bezlive was a tremendous upturn the singers career as it ended in smiles.

Returning back to Lagos where he is based, the singer met with a sad situation after discovering that all his food items left in the refrigerator while away were totally destroyed.

Reasons were not far-fetched as it was due to unstable power supply that Nigerians have been complaining about for so many years now.

Expressing his pain, the singer took to his social media account to let his frustration known and he said: “‘‘Back home to Lagos after a week plus. All the food in the freezer that was meant to last for 2 months all gone. ALL. In fact, freezer is Hot…Thanks NEPA, abi PHCN…Letting the memories of #bezliveAbuja console me” 

Meanwhile one thing that got us thinking is the fact that the singer is married, where was his wife that she couldn’t take care of the items?