Noble Igwe took to his Twitter recently to speak about our penchant for celebrating questionable wealth and how this has pushed many young people into criminal activities.

The conversation came amid the discussion about the three teenagers who b–e-de- a girl for a “money ritual” in hopes that they would become rich. The g-a-h-c video stirred something deep, which is why Igwe has noted the societal pressures that pushed such young people into crimes.

“Every day, we are on different pages of people we know that cannot afford certain things shouting “ God when” then come here to act surprise that people are doing evil to ‘belong. Our society does not question source of anything,” he wrote.

He continued, “In most clubs, it’s only bottle services. They don’t sell cocktails or beer and when people other expensive drinks, music is shut down to deliver drink(s) to one person or a group. People will kill or commit crime to get such a treatment.”

“People will post three skits in a year and then post a house they just bought, people will appear in two movies then post “new me , new house”. Thing is , we celebrate all types of questionable wealth.”

“The church will take donation from anyone with money, the village will crown anyone with money, no questions asked. Families don’t ask their children how they make their money and some don’t care. It’s the society that feeds this monster,” he added.

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