The managing director of Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre, Lagos, Dr. (Mrs.) Tobi Ayodele-Keeney, has announced its upgrading for full-fledged integrated healthcare services. Quincy wellness centre, renowned as a leader in delivery of natural therapies, focuses mainly on natural weight management, preventative health, nutrition medicine and stress management.

Speaking with journalists at the centre’s new office located in Ikoyi, Lagos, the American trained Master’s Degree holder in nursing from University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA, expatiates that therapies are not safe only because they are natural; side effects from natural therapies are rare. At Quincy wellness centre, Ayodele-Keeney stated, treatments are carried out only after patients had been subjected to laboratory tests. She, however, maintained that priority and emphasis are placed on natural traditional medicine rather than western medicine.

Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre boasts of a team of well-trained and duly certified medical personnel with expertise in combining western medication and traditional medicine for the treatment of patients with any form of illness.

“At Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre, we do integrated medicine. World Health Organisation (WHO) has said African traditional medicine should be integrated into the healthcare system of Africa. Countries that are proactive have gathered themselves together and started doing it. We have the licenses to practice both services. In our clinic, we offer a wide range of services and treat patients in line with Covid-19 especially, malaria, typhoid to chronic diseases which western medicine could not cure,’ she stated.

Ayodele-Keeney added that Quincy wellness centre also goes traditional in a modernized way to treat patients, positing that many patients do not admittedly confess that they have Covid-19, but their personnel do find out most of the times that they have indeed been treating Covid-19 related symptoms.

“When we start the treatments, there are some hallmark signs that are associated with Covid-19. When we check those signs and they are present in a person’s body, we treat and manage those symptoms and the person gets well. From our experience, we also realized that using drugs alone will not work, but combining medicine with herbs gives us far better results,” she disclosed during the media chat.

On the efficacy of traditional medicine over western medicine, Dr Ayodele-Keeney said, the effectiveness of natural medicine cannot be over-emphasised, as she averred that there are limitations to western medicine, whereas in herbal medicine, the limitation is not in the medicine itself, but rather in the application of the medicine. She pointed out that there are some extreme health cases that western medicine cannot cure which traditional medicine can treat and cure.

While positing that there are limitations to western medicine, she, however upheld that, in herbal medicine, the limitation is not in the medicine itself, rather in its application; like dosage and standardization. She added that, “but when the two are joined together by reducing the limitation of western medicine, you reduce the limitation of the application of traditional medicine, you then get a quicker and healthier result with fewer side effects in general.”

Ayodele-Keeney hypothesized that, while traditional medicine is Africa’s main medicine, western medicine is the alternative one, meaning that it is when healthy living fails, eating healthy fails, taking the herbs that God has planted on earth to eat as food fails, we can then make use of western medicine. “Take for instance, in the medical world, there is no treatment for kidney failure, they can only slow down the progression, but in herbal medicine, we can reverse it. It should be seen that way and not that we use western medicine first which just treats symptoms and when everything else fails, we now turn to ‘agbo’ (local herbs). That’s what Africans have been doing and it’s failing us,” she declared.

Talking about how patients are treated at Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre, Dr Ayodele-Keeney asserted that, “We run some tests on our patients, we do family health history. That is done by our awareness consultants or doctors depending on the condition because we usually work as a team”.

It is recalled that before now, natural weight loss, aesthetic and skin care are the major preoccupation of Quincy Herbals, but a wide range of healthcare services have been added to its stable, ranging from medical clinic, diagnostic lab, home health medical assessment & care, home laboratory services, telemedicine, detailed integrative medical care, traditional medicine etc.

And in its quest to make healthcare easily accessible to people, all of the above including home treatment at very affordable charges.