Contrary to the information flying that Chika Ike’s hubby put his mistress in a family way leading to their separation,the former love birds had irreconcilable differences which anchored on five years of unfruitful wedlock and Chika’s alleged new lifestyle.

The first trouble was when it was alleged in August 2010,that Chika went along an entourage of five actresses who visited former Imo State Governor,Ikedi Ohakim in quest of money.

According to the source,these actresses embarked on this courtesy call to pave way for a barter to give Ohakim support in his political ambitions.As gathered this wouldn’t have been a problem if not for her marital status,as her husband is said to be such a man who makes everything money can buy available for her.

The insider source revealed that her trip to Imo State did not foster the peace of her household.

Ever since the rumor of her newly found lifestyle hit the town Chika has remained in the process of fighting one scandalous story after another to ensure that her 6 years reputation will not perish,while her hubby was allegedly to be warning her to retrace her footsteps.

The source informed that the corrupting influences in her life were what made her husband to call to mind the fact that they don’t have a child in 5 years of being together as husband and wife.

A few weeks after the Imo State debacle,Chika was also alleged to be in sizzling romance with Ghanaian star actor,Van Vicker.Indeed when the news came from Asaba,Delta State capital where both of them were on location early this year,Chika had dispelled the rumour saying they both worked on a movie set and nothing more transpired.

Van Vicker who had already gone back to Ghana by the time the story broke,also defended the actress that the romance story was false.
But as things were to unfold,the once beautiful marriage eventually caved in and crashed irretrievably mid this year.