Veteran Nollywood film producer  Kunle Afolanyan has given insight to other movie directors and producers on  how to manage area boys when they come to cause trouble on movie set.

He said that some of the strategies he deploys whenever they come around were to make them part of the security guards or give them a part to play in the movies.

Afolayan who has been harassed by area boys said the ones in Lagos are better controlled than the ones in Abeokuta, Ibadan and so on.  

According to him“,We got harassed here yesterday too. For me, I think the manner of approach is also very key. In fact, it’s not as bad in Lagos as Abeokuta and Ibadan. In fact, there, they (area boys) would hardly even listen to you at all.

“But here (Lagos), for me, I’m always able to control them. I just need to speak to them and we’ll now put them to use. Once they come, we’ll give them roles, give them things to do. Sometimes, we’ll make them as security. Sometimes, we’ll use them as extras in the film. And they would get paid for it. So, that’s how I’ve always handled things.”