Nigerian Nollywood actor and model Alex Ekubo has advised the federal government and the general public where put their money for a positive return.

According to the Alex, Nollywood and the music industry is the only active industry in Nigeria and it is generating a lot to the nation compared to other industry in Nigeria.

He has also urged the government to make budgetary provisions for the nation’s entertainment industry to improve quality and attract more revenue for the government.

“The Federal Government should have a specific budget for entertainment sector every year, especially movie and music. They should also believe in the sector because when you believe in something, you will definitely support it and want to see it grow and succeed. Hollywood is where it is today not just because of the support they get from the government but corporations and well-meaning individuals who believe in entertainment. From my own point of view , the only sectors that are doing well in Nigeria today are the music and movie industries .When the sector is supported yearly with government budget , support from corporate organizations and well-meaning individuals , it will grow bigger and generate revenue for the government , ’’ he said .

Ekubo said the challenge of little or no fund is practically what every movie maker is experiencing in the country.

He stressed that many movie makers have a lot to achieve, but are only trying their best with the little resource at their disposal.

The actor believes that Nollywood will be leading the entertainment industry in the world if enough is invested into it because it is rich with quality talents as it is currently ranked third.

“Within the next five years, I see tremendous support for the industry; more investors, corporate bodies sponsoring production of movies and more worthy individual supporting the industry. “With those, I also believe will take our ranking to the next level.

With the current revenue realized from the ‘wedding party 2’ Nollywood is sure a place to invest in.