They are celebrity couples. They are well known, well loved and well celebrated. Not their first shots at matrimony but their new homes/spouses seem better than their previous. They have been lucky so far and Lovehaven celebrates them in this season of love.

Toyin Abraham and Kola Ajeyemi: Love That Breaks Barriers

They got married in 2019. Then, many of their fans and followers weren’t sure they were lovers because the relationship was kept from the public. But they did get married and later had a child, Ire.

Toyin, who was once married to another colleague, Adeniyi Johnson, had a terrible time during the trying times of the marriage, the separation and then, the divorce. But luck smiled on her again when Ajeyemi came into her life—her reputation soared, career took a positive rise and she changed her name.

For Ajeyemi, also an actor, nothing was known about his love life except that he was a single father before meeting Toyin.

Though more popular than her husband, Toyin would always make everyone realize that theirs is a marriage that is love-filled and not about ‘gold-digging’. During his last birthday, he took delivery of a Lexus SUV and while the actor celebrated his new gift, some people believed that his rich wife was the brain behind the gift.

At this, his wife reacted, “I don’t usually do this and I am only going to address this just once and I hope this ends here. People need to stop this mentality that famous people or the more famous ones are the richest in their family, relationships or even friendships,” she wrote.

“Just because some people do not like to blow their horns doesn’t mean they should be seen as less or incapable. I’m speaking up because I won’t let people talk down on my husband who is a very hard-working man and is doing a lot for me and the kids.”

“Do not ridicule his hard work and what he stands for. Everything he has, he’s worked for with his own sweat and he deserves it. I am the last born of my family and you’d think I’m the richest just because I’m famous which is far from the truth.”

“It is 2022 please, we need to do better and stop this ill-mannered mentality. Celebrate people without trying to pit them against another person or ridicule their hard work or give credit to another. It’s so old and needs to stop.”

Funke Akindele and Abdulrasheed Bello: Love Beckons After A Storm

Popularly referred to as Jenifa, Funke Akindele-Bello’s marriage to Mr. Abdulrasheed aka JJC Skillz, was a welcome relief.

This was after her tumultuous sojourn with Kehinde Alamaroof Oloyede aka Kendo.

Kehinde Alamaroof Oloyede and Funke got married on May 26, 2012. They separated and got divorced in July 2013.

Her union with JJC seems heaven-sent after the storm in Kendo’s house.

It was her second attempt at marriage.

They got married on August 23, 2016 at a private ceremony in London.

Now happily married with a set of twin boys, JJC, who has fathered three kids from other women before marrying Funke, comes in handy with his wife’s TV/movie production outfit.

Speaking about their synergy, JJC said of his wife in an interview, “Truth is, I have found my better-half who works as hard as I do, so it is a perfect combination, and the world is in trouble because we are the perfect team. As I am playing music, she is making me laugh. We have the perfect synergy. I want to advise people in the entertainment industry to go and look for their better-half within the same industry, because it will give you more focus and direction.”

Surprisingly, both Funke and her ex husband never spoke about their crashed union but kept quiet as they both remarried and had kids with their spouses.

However, in 2021, Funke opened up on why she married Kendu, their divorce and how she managed the drama that ensued on social media.

Speaking during an interview with Chude Jideonwo, Funke openly said the only reason why she wanted to share that part of her life is to encourage ladies out there that are in a rush to get married.

Akindele-Bello, urged who are pressured to get married not to feel desperate and also cautioned them to be calm, be patient. She added that if ‘they rush in, they will be forced to rush out.’

She said, “I don’t want to drag anybody. I’ll talk about myself. I just wanted to get married.

“The marriage ended in a bad way. It was on social media. I was filming when someone called and told me. I wanted to die. I cried and lost a lot of deals.

“I survived that period by channelling my pain into work. I was collecting every script from the east (Enugu axis of Nollywood) and acting.

“I rushed into the marriage out of pressure and it didn’t end well,” she said.

Funke further advised women never to be pressured into getting married or having children as it will not end well.

Mercy Aigbe & Kazeem Adeoti: Let Love Say!

Talk of a union that turned social media upside down, then mention Nollywood actor, Mercy Aigbe’s!

For a whole week running, it was a hot topic on Instagram and Facebook.

By the time she uploaded some cute photos of her new husband in January 2022, everywhere was on fire!

Though she didn’t mention that she has remarried, the birthday message she sent to her new husband, Kazeem Adeoti, a movie marketer/promoter who founded Ibaka TV, exposed what she had hidden from all.

Mercy wrote in part, “Yeah!!! Finally it’s here!!!! Happy birthday to a Great Man, a man of honor, amazing personality!!!!! Your heart is so pure! Selfless in all ramifications!!! An astute business man ( my mentor when it comes to business ?), super hardworking, real estate mogul, best movie marketer! My bestie, My reality check, My gist partner! You do so so much for people around you, you are a rare Gem! A very good man, a great partner ! Thank you for being a Pillar, Thank you for being a source of happiness, thank you for your endless support at all times! I am so blessed to have you in my corner..” Mercy, a mum of two, had separated from Mr. Lanre Gentry, father of her son in 2017.

Though the union crashed irretrievably later, the estranged couple would always throw shades at each other on social media especially on Father’s and Mother’s Days.

By September 2021, Gentry got married to another woman amidst pomp. He even granted interviews stating the many courts his former wife dragged him to in order to set a divorce.

Gentry is Mercy Aigbe’s second husband.

Unknown to many of her followers and fans, Mercy had been in the relationship with Adeoti for a while and always tagged herself as Agbeke Aya D’owner.

On the 31st of December, 2021 Kemiashefonlovehaven learned that Adekaz and Mercy had a private Nikkai in Lagos, where she was christened Aminah (which she shortened to Minnah). Only a few people were present at the ceremony. She announced the new name to her followers on social media later that day (which was also her birthday eve) with a video of her outfit of the day flaunting her new wedding band. Many of her friends flooded her timelines to congratulate her.

On January 1, 2022 at her house in Ogudu, Lagos where she hosted friends and family to a soiree, Adeoti aka Adekaz was fully on ground and he played the role of a husband diligently. He was up and about, ensuring that guests had a good time. Also, on January 3, at the New Year dance party headlined by King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall in Lekki, the newlyweds were an item all through the event.

Since she left her ex-hubby, this will be the first time Mercy would be flaunting a man publicly. Adekaz is also a licensed Mortgage Broker in the US who decided relocating to Nigeria to start up a business in movie productions. He was married to his first wife 20 years ago. They have kids together but this magazine cannot state if his first marriage is still functional.

Meanwhile, just as she has been celebrating her new marriage to the businessman, Mercy Aigbe made it known to everyone that she is enjoying peace in her new marriage.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote:

“Alhaji and Hajia Kazim Adeoti ?❤️Still celebrating you my King! May you continue be celebrated all the days of your life! Thank you for being my Peace, My Happiness ,May Almighty Allah continue to bless your path and uplift you beyond your imaginations.”