Fashionista and celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani has been known for her wild imagination, and her phenomenal dress sense, so in celebration of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day,

Toyin Lawani decided to have a photoshoot for the occasion and she shared these set of heart-pumping photos of herself covering only just the vital parts of her body with a giant green flower.

The fashion entrepreneur wrote in her caption: ‘Happy Independence Day to Nigeria that’s nothing to write home About,

But we will continue to strive and break boundaries internationally for our nation, open doors the Government couldn’t open for us for the youths,

Not cause it’s our duty, But for the future, our kids Are the future. Hopefully one day our voice will be heard.

Check out the land is green photo theme by Toyin Lawani below :

This is not the first time Toyin Lawani has worn something controversial, the last time she did something like this, her social media space went agog, she has also designed many outfits for celebrities most especially to the AMVCA’s