Tontrends has chanced upon a strange footage which occurred at the Living Faith Church, Canaanland, Ogun.

In the sighted video, a strange man who is yet to be identified charged at the founder and senior pastor of the church, Bishop David Oyedepo. He moved up to the pulpit while the man of God was speaking and grabbed him by his feet.

The incident happened two Sundays before to the church’s Shiloh performance last week. The man held onto Bishop Oyedepo’s foot after escaping security. Security, on the other hand, stopped him.

See how netizens reacted to the viral video;

ken_drik wrote; Man went to tap and recieve blessing I applaud him

7figureboss wrote; But he is only touching the hem of his garment? He is supposed to tell his security to leave him?

nazocaleb wrote; This is the reason they go along with security personal, not that they don’t know God would protect them, it’s wisdom, they are popular people, and people idolize them, so to avoid stampede it’s needed, to handle crowd. Learn wisdom.

milly_til wrote; Didn’t look like he was “attacking “ he was holding onto his foot! Probably seeking for help! He must have been desperate for some kind of blessing and believed holding onto the bishop’s foot would do it for him

asake_damilola wrote; Yes,there was a Sunday morning like that during service one woman screamed ? papa m dying…she was at the front while papa was preaching so it happens…he might just need a touch