Cute faced actor, Enyinna Nwigwe, who sees himself as an accidental actor has revealed how Hollywood supers star, Vivica. A Vox, Grammy award winning duo of Akon and Wyclef Jean as well as Oscar winning actor, Kim Basinger made him realize that he had become a force to be reckoned with after starting his career from the edge of modeling and moved on to lead an all start cast without any complain from cast a and crew.

 The young man spoke to the media in Lagos and replied in this manner when asked the job that defined his career. “the question is very tricky, because I approach this things I a special way; from the normal way it looks from the outside.

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I give every project I do my all, that is the different thing. The one project I will always point to in different ways , because it did different things to my mindset, would be, “black November”.

Majorly because it was an international project, but also me being able to hold my own around, Oscar winning actor , Kim Basinger , Grammy award nominee, Akon and Grammy Award Winner Wyclef Jean, with Vivica A Vox, all these people we grew up watching in Nigeria-and not finding myself as a Nigerian actor born in the United State, but a Nigerian actor from Nigeria.

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To go play a role and be lead actor and take charge of scenes with these people and hold it down without anyone putting a pin in the bubble.”

The young actor also spoke about the movie industry in Nigeria called Nollywood and he declared that the problems facing the movie industry and her practitioners are not created by Nigeria as these issues are a reflection of the nation Nigeria.©