LEADING computer manufacturer, HEWLETT Packard (HP), has launched in Nigeria its high end personal workstation computers and dream colour monitors.

This will benefit experts in such industries as filmvideo post production, animation and graphic arts.

Terae Onyeje, HP Nigeria said The HP workstations categories include the HP xw4550, HP xw 4600, HP xw 460, HP xw 6600, HP xw 8600, HP xw 9400, HP 8530, HP 8730, which are used for different purposes including computer aided engineering, research and development among others.

Emeka Mba, director general, Nigeria Film and Video Censors Board welcomed the HP initiative.

“There is a future for young film makers out here, and there is need for a change in the way we package and produce our films.
I believe the new innovation shows how technology can be used to make a difference in the way we do things”.

HP, through its annual initiative, “The Art of Small Business” series, is this year focusing on small business and digital content creation with a special focus on the Nigerian movie industry