The regional overseer of the Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Church, Region 31, 18 Baale Street, Ojodu in Ogba, Lagos, Pastor Wole Daniels has declared that there is nothing wrong if husbands wash the undies of their wives.


The soft-spoken man of God made the statement during a question and answer session with at the Sunday service of September 17, 2017.

Pastor Wole said, “If men could go under their women, I see no reason they shouldn’t wash the undies of their wives.”

According to him, “God’s word states that the man and the woman are one, once they are married. The man obviously washes his clothes when it becomes necessary. He also expects his wife to wash his clothes, including his underwear. Where a man sees his wife as his better half, he has no good reason not to wash the underwear of the woman. This is like washing his underwear too.”

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Though a few male members of the fully packed congregation didn’t accept the idea hook, line and sinker, it was a good sermon for majority of the women in the service who cheered up the pastor to high heaven.

The revered priest also said that a man housing a lady that he is not legally married to is a kidnapper.

“If you keep a woman with you, not minding the fact that she may be bearing children for you or not, without performing the necessary marital ceremonies, you are the same as a kidnapper.

You can’t have a woman in your house that is not your legally married wife and believe it’s normal. You are nothing less than someone that kidnaps another person.”

The pastor added that the church and God are not against IVF, the medical act of artificial fertility of the woman so she can bear a child with the sperm of another man for her husband.

“God won’t be angry if a woman goes through IVF to have a child for her husband. It is the same thing as abducting a child who as a matter of fact is not your biological child.”

He did solicit the understanding of men against using DNA to determine the paternity of their children.

On the issue, he opined, “Why die of heart failure resulting from the knowledge that the child you had hitherto believed is your biological child, and so loved, becomes that of another man simply because you went to determine his or her true paternity by DNA.

There should be no reason for husbands to put their children through such rigorous process that could hunt everyone involved for the rest of their lives. Take all the children as yours without doubt. Many ended up having heartbreak and high blood pressure, and some dying of that just by trying to determine the paternity of the children.”

He concluded the session with the advice that suicide is done only by foolish people that don’t know the plan of God for them.

He also said that, if a woman builds a house without the prior knowledge of her husband, it should not result in a fight. All the man needs do is to go in and possess the house, and forget the past. ©