A Nigerian big boy identified as Hushpuppi who lives a flamboyant life and is reported to live in Malaysia and he is known for his luxurious lifestyle.

He lives home and abroad actually and on his Instagram page,Hushpuppi describes himself as a philanthropist and a hardworker and judging from what we see this guy has taste for good things as he is highly fashionable.

Last night at a night club in Victoria Island,Lagos this flambouyant Nigerian big boy spent a whooping N2,390,000 (Two million, three hundred and ninety thousand naira) on champagne and other drinks.


He took to his snapchat to showcase his flambouyancy with reciept of his spending to prove.hmmmm

Recall that Huspuppi was on the news sometime ago over a beef he had with Davido when he called out to Davido over his Omo Baba Olowo status,stating that there is a big difference between Baba Olowo(rich man) and Omo Baba Olowo(son of a rich man),the two however has made peace and everything is okay now according to a video shared later on.

Hushpuppi has proven he is Baba Olowo once again…