After coming across an online report that Nigeria’s luxury boy, Hushpuppi had donated hundreds of thousands of naira to a young man in Nigeria who has issues with his spinal cord, I was joyed.

But then two things came into’s mind, firstly, we stopped and asked ourself, did he do this because he truly cares about this young man or he want to use charity to launder his image so that the social media attacks questioning his wealth will stop? .

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Instantly the suddenly love for for charity by Tonto Dikeh’s ex- hubby came to mind. An act he started when he had marital issues, and also asked, Is church Hills doing charity because he cares or he is using it as a strategy to fine an image for himself so he will seized to be described as Tonto husband but a philanthropist or possibly using to find a soft landing for future political ambition?

Well, whether both men have genuine interest or are using it to launder their image, the question is, who is coping who. Your comments and opinion will be welcomed