Nigerian Dubai based billionaire who is mostly famous to be in love with Gucci products as been in the past questioned about how he was making his money as many had believed his source was illegal.

Recently human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, asked EFCC to investigate billionaire Gucci master, Hushpuppi. The PDP staunch supporter also challenged the self-made millionaire to a debate to prove the source of his income is legit.

This came after the EFCC had apprehended 12 suspected yahoo boys at Club 57 in Lagos and the country was on turmoil.

Hushpuppi who was not happy with the comment made by Deji Adeyanju had threatened to dump Nigerian citizenship as he said he is no more interested.

Well he has now accept the challenge to come for a debate at EFCC office as he gave conditions that must be met before he honors the invite.

He also used the medium to declare his source of Wealth as he said he is a social media influencer who travels all around the world to host parties.

Ray Hushpuppi who wholly accepted the challenge demanded Adeyanju to provide all he would require to touch down Nigeria. His requests include; a first class Return ticket, five-star hotel accommodation, reliable security and good food.

Ray also spoke on how the Nigerian system has failed him and how he was lucky to escape poverty that struck his entire family and generations before him. The Dubai-based millionaire also shared details of how he lost his sister to typhoid due to inability to afford medical bills.


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