During the week, actress, Rita Dominic, got many talking after she revealed that she was in a relationship with someone and later went to use the picture of singer, Ayoola, on her social media page.

This got many talking and looking the singer’s way as possible lover top the actress. But even the singer was yet to know about the said picture of him that was used when his attention was called on the rumour.

Ayoola disclosed that he admires Rita so much as she is someone he looks up to stressed that he will chose to keep his relationship private.

“I like to keep my private life private but if there is anything, I would let you know. I have not even seen the post but I would check. Rita Dominic is fantastic at what she does and I admire her. I have looked up to her for a very long time. So if Genevieve posts a picture of you on her Instagram page, does it mean that you guys are dating? It could be either of two possibilities which is; you are either dating or not. I am a very private person. Whoever I am dating or not dating, when I feel comfortable to talk about it, I would let you know. I have opened up in the past when I was single and when I was dating but now, I want to keep my private life private,” he said.

What many do not know is that the singer is a single father as he had a child from his past relationship which is part of the reasons why he maintains a silent profile.