She stormed the Nigerian music scene with glamour and panache a few years ago and ever since, Goldie is fast turning into a style icon in the industry. In this interview with SUNKANMI OGUNADE, she speaks on the secrets of her fashion and style sense as well as her foray into music.

What’s been happening to Goldie?

Goldie has been very busy working on her forthcoming Duchess album and a new clothing line.

You once resided in the UK. Why did you decide to return home?

UK was a place for me to study and experience life outside the shores of this country. It was a good experience and I felt I could come back to Nigeria to bring a bit of that knowledge and experience and put it to good use here, making money while impacting people’s lives positively of course.

Why music?

Music is a passion for me. The fact that you can express yourself while still creating sounds that can evoke all sorts of emotion in people is still a marvel to me. Music, like football can end all wars and create world peace. I would like to be around when that happens.

How did you get into music?

I started by forming a mini-band with a couple of my girls in the UK whilst in school and I developed a passion for it. I am into song writing and music production, and when I got back to Lagos, I hooked up with a local producer for a laugh, ended up doing a couple of demo tracks which eventually wound up on OJB’s plate and the rest as they say, is history.

What kind of music do you do?

I am a pop artiste. My sound is very Euro-Pop’

Any album yet?

I had a limited edition album release in 2007 November, which was just a compilation of disposable pop works that I had worked on up till that point. Nothing really major; but my full album will be out by third quarter of the year, God willing.

Who are your musical influences?

I listen to all kind of music. I don’t limit myself to just one genre. Reggae, hip-hop, country, rock, juju, fuji, R ‘n’ B, soul, etc. If music is good, it is good. That being said though, I will say Michael Jackson, Kylie and the one and only material girl, Madonna, influences me more than the rest; though these days I have kind of taken to Jay Z a lot too.

You are thought to be very rich. Aside music, do you do any other business?

Ehhhmmm!!! Right now, it’s all about the music for me. It is a 24 hour job that leaves little room for much. Even personal relationships suffer when you are trying to build a musical career. I used to be into mini events though and gift packaging. I laugh out loud at the notion that I am very rich. Oprah is rich, Bill Gates is rich. I am just trying to make a buck. Hopefully one day, we will get there with hard work and perseverance.

What was growing up like?

I had a fairly strict upbringing. I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans, shorts or make my hair till I finished secondary school. I wasn’t allowed to make friends or attend parties, and also being the first child of my parents, they ensured that all the discipline was thrust upon me, so I could be a good example to my younger ones. So I will have to say, from a childhood kind of perspective, it wasn’t much fun till I got into the university but I have started having my fun now.

Your educational background?

Greensprings Montessori School, Anthony Village, St. Johns College, Palmgrove, and University of Sunderland UK. I have a BA in Business Management.

Your memorable campus experiences.

Everyday was a marvel you know. Meeting with different students from diverse cultures kind of taught me how to relate with people better, plus you learnt something new everyday. There is this particular night that will always stick in my memory. It was a student get-together party, for the “newbies”. It was snowing that night and we ended up going out in the snow in groups and trying to see what ‘team’ could build the bigger snow man in the shortest possible time. Looking back now, I realize it didn’t make any sense, but it was a lot of fun and I will gladly go back in time just to re-live that moment; that night.

What is style to you?

Style should be effortless. It doesn’t have to come from the pages of a magazine. It should be unique to self. Understated yet glamorous, classic yet modern, sexy yet comfortable.

Your beauty routine.

Facial scrubs everyday; facial mask once a week; exfoliating body gels every other day; a light foundation for my face; bronzer if necessary; a light eye shadow and lip gloss when not working or during the day. Cleansing wipes and toner at night before I go to bed.

Your favourite beauty products.

Channel Body Mist, Dior Liquid Foundation, Garnier Cleansing Wipes, L’oreal Duo Mascara, Helena Rubenstein, Bronzing Powder, La Senza Eye Glitter Gel and any Lancome Lip Gloss will do.

Your favourite fashion items and accessories.

I love ruffles, pearls, satin and anything with lace. I am very victorian at heart, but my favourite accessories are shoes. God, I don’t joke with shoes. I could absolutely perish in a shoe shop – shoes and rings. Rings with coloured precious stones.

What are the beauty products you can’t do without?

My Femfresh Intimate Spray, my Channel Body Mist, my Dior Foundation and my Exfoliating Gels… I smell good, my skin is smooth, my skin tone is evened out. I am good to go.

What about your signature perfumes?

My Channel No5 and Hermes scents. The undertones work well with my natural skin smell to give off a nice pleasant smell that lasts and lasts on my skin. Many other scents I have tried don’t seem to last as long; I think. I also recently started taking to Victor and Rolf too.

Fashion item you can never be caught dead in?

Ehhhmmm!!! Not sure really. I like to be comfortable, so maybe a too tight pair of skinny jeans won’t work. You would never catch me dead in a gown or dress that doesn’t accentuate one curve or the other, and YES!!! Horrible looking boots that only go halfway up your legs. YUCK!!!

Are you into labels and who are your favourite designers?

I like Prada shoes, Dolce and Gabbana Jeans, Gucci and Fendi belts and as for bags, anything that can hold all my junk. There are these shoes by this designer; he’s late now, Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo, I think they are called? I would like to get myself a pair of them oh! And yes, I love Karen Millen dresses, most of my dresses are by Karen.

How do you unwind, and what are your hobbies?

I love cooking, cooking and cooking. Walking round the estate with my poodles; sitting down and having a chat with friends over a cocktail or a glass of wine; chilling to watch a movie either at home or at the cinema and just generally catching up with the latest gist. You know, what’s up with family and so on. Oh! And I enjoy walking in the rain, very exhilarating.

Favourite colours.

I love warm colours. Green, red, gold, some shades of blue, purple and black on days I feel particularly fat.

So how did you come about the name, Goldie?

It is a nickname given to me by friends when I was in the UK because of my skin. I am actually an albino with red hair, but I like to think it’s because I have a heart of gold.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by our relationships with each other as human beings. How our culture and upbringing define us and who we eventually become. Love, life, passion, emotion and feelings.