Meeting Klint da Drunk off stage was a totally different experience all together. He cut nothing of the picture he portrays on stage when he is in his elements as Klint da Drunk, the comedian. Agwu-Ukwu, Nri born Klint da Drunk, a topmost comedian in the country was not born a drunk. He was born Afametuna Klint Igwemma. The multi-talented artiste is not just a comedian; he is also a musician, painter and he designs his own clothes. He tells Adia Ukoyen, in this interview, how he came about the personality and more.

How did you come about being a comedian?

It started in my secondary school days where I would play the drunk and other comic roles. As so, with time, it became a part and parcel of me. I was in a drama group both in the church and in school. I was the leader of my school band in secondary school. We always had a school band but it was dead at the time I got there, so I more or less revived it.

Did you sing in the choir?

No. I was in the drama group only.

You have tried your hands out with acting and music, featuring in Nigga Raw’s first album. Why the diversion?

I am a comedian but that does not mean that I cannot do other things. I am an adventurous person and highly so. So the music and acting parts of me are part of the adventure. But with acting, the type-casting discouraged me. Must I act the drunk in all movies? If I had continued, that was the way it was heading. So I simply moved on to other things.

Would you, someday, consider being a full fledged musician?

I am working on my album, and by the time my album comes out, its going to be a whole new ball game.

What genre of music will you be playing?

When it is released, you will know. For now that is my little secret.

How adventurous are you?

Adventurous enough to wander at night to a cemetery because I heard that ghosts moved around at night.

Did you get to see any?


And the drunken comic character of yours is that part of the adventurous streak?

Yes. But it has now become my unique selling point.

Do you drink to get into that character or drink alcohol at all?

No. I am a teetotaller.

Who is your mentor or role model in the industry?

It certainly has to be Ali Baba.

Why him?

The first time I came to Lagos, I stayed with Ali Baba. Almost everyone stayed with Ali Baba. He is a father to all of us. He is an icon. In fact, his name is Number One when you think comedy in Nigeria. I must give it to him because he is the one who gave us the vision to pursue comedy as a career. He really taught me a lot of what I know in the business today. I don’t think he knows the value of the things he taught me. He is a great achiever because a key trait of an achiever is carrying others along. It is always good to help a lot of people on your way up.

Having featured in a track with one of Nigeria’s fast growing artistes, Nigga Raw, how would you assess the music industry?

I love Nigerian music. Our artistes are just great. 9ice is wonderful, his style and delivery of music is unique. The greatest thing about our musicians is that no two singers sing alike. When someone tries to sound like another person, that person’s music dies. If you try to sound like 9ice your music dies and 9ice continues. Everyone has his style. Check out D’banj and Don Jazzy. There is Nigga Raw, whose first album I featured in. Look at Asa, she is simply in a world of hers. She cuts across the international music level and her videos are unique. So I can’t tell you I love only one Nigerian musician. Depending on my mood, different musicians appeal to me. But the bottom-line is that the Nigerian music industry is growing at an astronomical rate, just like the comedy industry . I love Nigerian music. I love music generally.

When you are not busy performing, how do you relax?

I try to spend as much free time as I can with my family; my wife and my son.

What is your definition of style?

Style for me is a definition of my personality. Being an adventurous person, I design most of the clothes I wear. Even if I buy a shirt I give it to the tailors. I love to add designs to my clothes. I have a good tailor I tell what I want. I don’t just design, I recreate.

What fashion item are you most at ease with?

I like jeans for easy movement. It is like a diaper for adults. I like good shoes and belt. I am an artiste; I studied Fine Art and you find out that as artistes, our dress sense is not like any other. We believe in simplicity. You can be simple and still be trendy or in vogue.