Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, has grown from being that actress cum singer to a motivational speaker who has been able to hold her head high in public without any fear of intimidation.

Attaining the height she is today has rather been a rough one but she seems to have gotten a bearing of what she wants and she knows how to manage her way through difficult times or boundaries.

The actress was recently angered after she had shared that people in other profession succeed as a result of the training they get which makes them certified in their field as she pointed out that being an actor is not completed without one getting the needed knowledge to succeed in the craft.

Fans who did not agree with her came attacking her and being that realist she has always been, she decided to sound a loud warning that anyone who feels he does not need education or mentorship should just stay away from her.

She stated that her social media is not meant for people who are weak but for those who are ready to learn as she does not need followers for glamour but those with sound intellectual sagacity.

In her words, “Please, if you are one of those people that want to belittle my career or my chosen field, if you feel that your talent is enough for you, you don’t need mentorship and you don’t need training, then you are following the wrong person. I am not on social media for followers; I am not a glamorous person or one of those looking for followers for followers’ sake. I need smart people that understand what the world is about, if you know you don’t need education for some certain things especially my chosen field please don’t follow me so to save me the stress of blocking you.”