Did anyone tell Chichi Opara Mazagwu aka Afrocandy that she looks like a man? The lady is provoked and is trying to tell everyone that she was born a woman and is still a woman, who is making money with her body.

“Why do people ask me if I am a transsexual, do I look like a transgender? ” she is asking. Some of her fans reacted and asked her if she was thinking of becoming a man.“ I have children, I have two daughters ,” the she clarified.

One of her admires said ” You people should leave her please, don’t come and change it for her.”

Afrocandy has not been able to run away from controversies. Even when she is minding her business, some of her critics will always find a way of getting across to her with words.

She once explained why people think she is controversial ” It depends on what they mean. Everything I do seems controversial to people. Sometimes, I’m just being me, just being real. This is because I don’t care whatever anybody would say about me. I’m just expressing myself and doing my own thing. To people, I’m controversial.”