Weeks ago, the internet went agog as news of a supposed engagement of social media comedian, Woli Arole, to an unidentified woman began to trend.

The news followed the release of pictures of the comedian seen loving up with the same lady which many blogs inevitably tagged as pre-wedding pictures.

The Instagram sensation has now spoken up on the matter, stating that the pictures were from a recent modelling gig. He, however, added that he has been inspired by the reactions to create a marriage focused series.

According to him, even his family members started calling frantically over the news but he had to explain to them that it was only a photoshoot for a clothing brand.

Speaking further on the idea of the marriage focused series, titled ‘Taken’, Arole explained that it a project he strongly believes would address a lot of issues concerning dysfunctions in marriage, which he identified as a growing trend especially in Nigeria.

“We have realised that most people get married for the wrong reasons – This project will solve a lot of questions, and I am sure after people watch this, you will have a rethink before you get married.”