A day comes when some good things just have to go and for Pretty Mike, the self-acclaimed nipple lover has revealed that he is so sad that he is finally single. To some people, being  single can be a lonely and frustrating, for Pretty Mike.

He said “I am finally SINGLE again and I’m so not happy….. I Thank God i have my dear friends that will help me during this recovery. This RELATIONSHIP lasted quite longer than I thought it would. Never thought this day would come, I am so stressed. If you only knew what I have been going through you’d understand better, but I never really put my personal business out to the public.

All the pain, heartbreaks, sleepless nights, arguments, fights, headaches, chills, sicknesses, breakdowns, blames, assumptions, selflessness, downfalls, bitterness, tears, carelessness, pride, lies, lies, lies I’ve had to endure… “

So painful we believe for him to share all these “I was so tired, tired of sharing, tired of caring, tired of suffering, tired of pain, tired of praying, tired of blaming, tired of everything, and most definitely TIRED OF THE PERSON that’s reading this post only because it’s DRAMA that excites YOU ALL and now you’re mad because this post is NOT TRUE and you just wasted 1 minute of your life reading 146 words that a lot of you wish were real, #DramaSells #DramaDriven Dont be shy, drop your comment if you fell 4 this  #BadGang #husbandmaterial #WeatherMan #NipplesLover #UpToSomething “