In a recent interview with Ghanaian Actress Kafui K Danku she revealed to that she was back in Ghana to continue with her movie career, after being AWOL to U.S.A for her personal business…

Research we did tells us that after she had the opportunity to star in about five (5) top upcoming movies she left Ghana with her boy friend when she was supposed to be on Venus films set.

Trying to get her side of the story Kafui stated that the script that was given to her from Venus Films is the second script on the list of the Venus films shooting schedule. “The script Abdul Salam Mumuni gave me is not the one he is shooting now,he said he will shoot the one he gave me right after he completes the one he his shooting”. She added

When we asked her what the title of the script she has was, she said that she can’t give it out because it’s just a working title and since they have not started shooting it she will not like to commit herself.

Commenting on the note of being AWOL and attending to her boy lover rather than business she promised not to go for business outside Ghana, she said that after a few stay here she realizes that she still has to be attending to her business since acting is not paying enough when one is not on the Top lists.

“What I have realized is that you cannot make money from acting when you are a beginner, since you first have to be looking at the Good side of the script and the production house calling you for the Job, but for your pricing it becomes difficult for you to get the biggest pay so you have to get additional jobs alongside acting till you begin to make money.

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