Nigerian Nollywood actress Tayo Odueke is not happy with the misconception people have towards her movie role and her true personality.

The actress is very popular as Sikiratu Sindodo after she played the lead role as Sikiratu Sindodo in the movie that was named after this name.

Many believe she is a wayward type after her role in the movie which Sikiratu was a pictured as a wayward girl and she played the part very well, this has made the public generalize that she is nothing short of that.

This is what she had to say;

The movie that led to my breakthrough is Sikirat Sindodo. The name, Sikirat Sindodo, has stuck with me ever since and it is always in the news for the bad reasons. People see me as a very wayward girl because of the role I played in the movie. Meanwhile, I am a very calm person. I don’t go out when it is not necessary and I mind my business. However, I don’t regret playing that particular movie because I was just doing my job.” She said

Nigerians are just fond of making sure that the character you play on your first popular movie is what you are known as.