Star actress Genevieve Nnaji’s daughters paternity is still at stake as purported father speaks out to

ACURA as he is called, a young man of high IQ who is focused on his goals and plans for the future opened up to on many issues bothering on his popularity as a youth leader and grass root politician. Even though, he will prefer playing the role of a kingmaker for now, as against going for political post. Though still on speaking terms with Genevieve, ACURA says he is surprised that since the story on Genevieve”s daughters parternity was made public, she has not deemed it fit to call him, but he is not perturbed.

Though ACURA’s mum is still making serious effort for the star actress’ family to see reasons, if only for the sake of the child. ACURA’s view is different though as he says ” put yourself in my position, is it not what you think is good for you that you will covet? what my mother wants might not be what i want and nobody can make me take a decision that i know will make me unhappy” he then adds that, though he has had intense pressure from friends and his family but kept his cool.

ACURA finally decided to give an official shocking response by saying that ‘ I AM NOT THE FATHER OF THAT CHILD’

ACURA in his own words to reaffrim this story, says ‘ I said that i will not accept parternity until a DNA test is carried out” he say that what happened between him and Genevieve was when they were both very young, Genevieve was 15 and ACURA was 20 years. “If you look at that time till now any human being with a discerning mind must have had a lot of time to reflect. So without a proper DNA test done, i will not acept that i am the father of her daughter”

He goes on to say that ” what my mum wants or even any member of my family wants, will not dissuade me from my decsion, with all humility, i am a very popular figure around here so you can ask people around about my character. i don’t mince word neither do i say something and do the opposite, more so i will not go out of my way to destroy other people with this in mind i nuture no fear that somebody will just have it in mind to harm me, i fear nobody but GOD”

“moreover this mater is beyond Genevieve, as i have no animosity towards her. it is between me and her family, when i’m good and ready, i will tackle them”

This handsome and self assured fellow by name ACURA, instead of his real name used to cruise around the campus in the Universiy of Lagos in a Honda Acura. And as it was the fad back then, the model of his car was added to his name by friends and admirers and since then the nick name “ACURA” got stuck. He bagged a degree in Accountancy from the same university.

Dotun Oladipo alias ACURA also in an emotionessly added that “i was not the only one she was seeing as of the time she got pregant there was another guy involved he still leaves here in Egbeda and he drives around in a volkswagon bora.”

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