To Release His Film Soon

For many faithful fans of Nollywood actor, Obinna Nwafor, who is better known as St Obi, must have been wondering where on earth he has been to over the years. Just as the movie industry is experiencing a major turn around, his fans would have expected to see more of him around doing what he knows how to do best, good role interpretation.

St Obi was one role interpreter that wowed Nigeria movie faithfuls, especially those who saw the best of him in late 90’s and early 2000’s. He was a good interpreter of Bad Boy role in films and also the Lover Boy roles.

There use to be a time when there was hardly any film released in Nigeria that this light skinned actor was not in it. But in recent times, this has seized to be.

Some have thought that this Imo State make-believe idol stylishly stepped down for the new generation actors the industry was producing lately, when the competition for roles were getting stiffer.

When NigeriaFilms.Com met this Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Jos recently, he was asked why he had not been active in the industry as he used to be, he said, “I have been doing some other things but I am still very much in the movie industry, trying to raise the bar.”

Speaking further, this multi-lingual actor, producer and director said, “Because, I see that we need to move the industry to a global scale. Right now, we are not at that level, so, that is what I have been doing underground. I have a movie that is going to come out soon.”

St Obi debuted in Nigeria movie industry in 1996, after doing a commercial of Peugeot on Nigeria Television Authority (NTA). He has starred in films like Festival of fire, Sakobi, Take Me To Mama, which happened to be his first produced movie, among many more films.

A vastly experienced and traveled actor, many believe he will surely take back his place in the film industry in Nigeria whenever he decides to make a turn back.

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