Veteran Nollywood actress, Ego Boyo, was one time the screen darling when she featured in the now rested TV series Checkmate, which graced the Nigerian TV screens in the early 90s.

The drama series was one which many families never wish to miss on their screens that they rush home to ensure that they don’t miss any part and it always come on air every Thursday. Well, those were the good old days when there were good contents that were family oriented.

Ego is one lucky actress who got married to a rich man and she has been able to sustain her home over the years and speaking about why she got married to a rich man she stated that she never knew that he will be that rich.

She opened up that when she dated her husband, he was still living with his parents and she also was still living with her own parents and they just fell in love and they got married and they later made headway in their carrier.

She pointed out that real love between couples shouldn’t be based on wealth but true love and understanding and ability to see the future behind the relationship.

Speaking with TVC on the breakfast programme ‘Your Views’ which was monitored by, the actress explained that “When I started dating my husband, he never had anything in fact, he was still living with his parents and myself also. So we just loved each other and we got married and we began to succeed in our careers. I got married to him a year after I featured in Checkmate.”

When she was asked if she could allow her daughter get married to a guy who is not wealthy the actress affirmed her point that, “marriage is not about money but happiness. I have trained my daughter and definitely she will graduate from school and get a job and be independent and she will be able to support herself rather than wait for her man. Love is not about depending on the next person but ability to understand and love each other because that is where the happiness is.”