Nollywood actress cum producer, Adebimpe Akintunde better known as Wasilat Coded, has disclosed that she can go extra length to ensure she interprets her movie roles very well. The Yoruba actress has been gaining attention since the release of her film.

The actress stated that acting is make-believe and if romantic roles are not well portrayed in the movie, fans will complain.

According to her, “Movie making is make-believe. I can only act a role as far as my director wants me to when it comes to acting a romantic role. If I am given a romantic role to act and let’s say I am dating someone in the movie and I refuse to kiss him, people will start criticizing us that it’s not believable. I love to put in my best in any character I am playing because you don’t know how far the movie will go.”

Adebimpe recently produced the movie titled, ‘Wasilat Coded,’ where she earned her the nick name ‘Wasilat coded.’