Oluwaseyi Amuzat was born and brought up in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. She had her primary and secondary education at Ijebu-Ode and later proceeded to Ansarudeen Teachers’ Training College, Ota and then went on to Ijebu-Ode College of Education. In this interview with Gbenga Olumide, she speaks on her acting career and more.

How was growing up like?
Smooth. My growing up was very nice. My parents were there for me and my Lord is also there for me too.

Who introduced you to acting?
Nobody introduced me to acting. I was born into it. You know, in our family, we were used to cultural dances. We had one shrine at Ijebu-Oru and we normally held a kind of festival to mark the day of this deity. Then, we had a group of cultural dancers and from there, I grew up. I also took part in dancing competitions, drama and other socio-cultural activities when I was in school.

Moreover, I would like to tell you that at FESTAC ‘77, I was there dancing with Omololu Theatre Group from Ago-Iwoye and I was also at Olumo Rock festival in1981 and 1982.

How did you come into the mainstream?
There was a man at Ijebu-Irolu, who was referred to as Epo (palm oil). He had a group called Oluwaseyi Theatre Group. I was with him for many years and during my stay with him, I was able to learn the rudiments of acting.

What do you like most being an actress?
The sweetest thing about being an actress is that today, I know the creme de la creme of the society. I sit with them at functions; we eat and chat together. Besides, I’ve gained a lot of experience. You know travelling is part of education. In the course of my acting, I’ve travelled to many places, both home and abroad. When I look at myself and compare myself with people that I’m moving with, I always feel happy.

What are your parents’ reaction to being an actress?
They are very much happy!

So, acting has not put you into any scandal?
Not at all. It has not put me into any scandal and it is not my doing; it is the grace of God.

How many films do you have to your credit?
At least, I‘ve produced two–Bintu and Idaamu Ore and I have featured in many films produced by other artistes like Orogun Aimo, Oju Agbami, Oruka Tude, City Girl (Omoge Igboro) among others. I even acted the role of Omoge Igboro in that film and that is why people nick-named me Omoge Igboro.

What do you consider before accepting any role or script?
I must, first of all, go through the script and if it is not against the rules and regulations that my husband or my parents have laid down for me, I will do it. But you cannot expect me to be acting naked, I don’t do it.

Because it is against my wish and the wishes of my parents.

But some actresses are doing it just to earn more money.
That is their own problem. I, Oluwaseyi Amuzat can’t act naked but I can participate in a role that is better than being nude.

Can you tell us about your private life?
My private life? Ha! no sir.

How is your husband?
My husband is fine.

Who is he?
Oh! Why are you asking? Do you need to know him? I don’t think so.

Nothing, you don’t need to.

Is he a Nigerian?
Yes, of course.

Is your husband an actor?
No, he is a businessman.

And he allows you to leave home for weeks when you are on location?
I usually come home every three days.

What is your greatest desire?
Why do you want to know that? Just leave that one.

Why can’t you tell us?
Don’t worry, please.

Now, as beautiful as you are, have you ever been sexually harassed by the opposite sex?
God forbid.

How are you coping with your male admirers?
Before, they used to propose but through the grace of God, I was able to scale through those hurdles. Now that I’m married, I still have admirers; they will just call my appellation (Omoge Igboro), some will phone just to say they appreciate my role in any film I’ve featured in.

Presently, can you say you are a successful actress?
Well, by the special grace of God, I’m a successful actress because I eat whatever I like at the right time and I don’t borrow clothes or shoes before I go out, and my children are doing fine.

Any advice for upcoming artistes?
The only advice I can give to upcoming artistes is to wait for their own time. They should not rush and not claim to know everything.

If you are offered a job with a robust package, will you quit acting for it?
Quit acting? I don’t think so. Though everybody likes money, but I must tell you that there is money in acting. Actors and actresses are enjoying these days. We are really enjoying. Even people from other disciplines are joining us just to be called artistes.

This shows that our job (acting) is very lucrative. So, acting is my job, I can’t quit, I love it.

What if your husband asks you to leave it, what would be your reaction?
I trust him; he can’t say that. I know him, he’s my husband, Akanni Ade, Akanmo bi eni fo aso. If he asks me to leave this job, honestly, I know how I will talk to him. He has been supporting me and that’s why I love him so dearly.

So, when are you releasing another film?
Well, I can’t promise; I do things according to the wish of my creator. He is the one who tells me what to do and when to do it.

Are you romantic?
Of course.

That’s why your husband likes you?
You are right (laughs).