Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, through a meme shared has disclosed that no matter how rich her man can be, she will still go out to work.

The meme which reads, “If my man has $1 or $1,000,000 I will still take my ass to work,” has gotten many talking and suggesting that they will not walk if their man is so rich because life itself is so stressful.

For Caroline, she still insist that for a woman to stand out in her home, she should go out and make a good living for herself rather than sit to depend on the man’s money.

She explained that working gives her fulfillment and there is nothing like making her own money because she cannot depend on another person’s wealth.

In her words, she said, “But working gives me fulfillment and there is nothing like making your own money. I don’t see another person’s wealth as mine until I have achieved mine with both hands. We have different perception to life and you are entitled to your own opinion love.”